I picked the name of this blog for a song I just love.  Dancing in the Minefields.  It’s really a song about marriage, and it just always reminds me of Doug and I. I’ll post all the lyrics at the end of this entry, but on my heart right now, is more the message of dancing through the minefields of life.  Who would want to dance in minefields?  That’s freakin insane!  But we all walk across the minefield. Every single one of us on this earth.  The world is a minefield.  Regardless of what you believe, don’t believe-the world, and the life we lead in it, is a minefield.  Minefields hold devastation.  They hold tragedy.  You can walk through one, and be lucky to not step on one, but they are still there.  You might  only stub your toe on a rock, step on a piece of glass, maybe only your feet get dirty.  But you might lose a leg, lose a friend, lose your life.  So, if someone said – “you have to get across that minefield, so go dance across it”.  We’d say “No thanks, we’ll walk carefully, we’ll tip toe, we’ll be careful”.  But, we all know, bad can still happen while we tip toe, or we are careful.  So why do we dance through them?  Why would we want to?  What is dancing through life?  What is dancing through a minefield in marriage, in life?

Dancing through my minefield of life isn’t avoiding the mines.  I’ve had a few big ones go off.  The dancing has been painful at times~even when I’ve avoided mines and just stepped on glass, and stubbed my toes.  I tried the being careful route, the tip toeing route, and found out about the bad still happening, the mines still being there.  So, I try to not just be careful, not just tip toe through life.  I try to dance.  My hope doesn’t lie in avoiding the mines.  My hope lies in knowing that I won’t be in the minefields of the world forever.  God has very much put on my heart to dance.  To dance with my husband, my children, my family, my friends, my community.  But He hasn’t stopped there.  He has put on my heart to dance with those I really never wanted to dance with before.  The ones I tried to pretend weren’t there, because I just felt to small too make enough of a difference~one dance wouldn’t solve everything, so I’d avoid them.  Or, I didn’t want to, because they were  scary, or dirty, or strange.  Then those other ones, the ones I couldn’t stand.  The ones who had hurt me, or my family, or my friends, my country, ones I really just wanted to hate…that list could go on forever.  How easy it would be for me to stay in that place. Dance where it’s safe, smells good, comfortable, familiar.  Dance with people who I like, and they like me.  But I just can’t.   My heart hurts for people who are hidden in the shaddows. Homeless, drug addicts, prisoners, sex slaves, orphans, widows. My heart also hurts and breaks for people I really just want to hate~pimps, terrorists, sexual abusers, pedophiles.  Because even “those” people were once little babies.  And most all those people have been hurt, abused, molested, abadoned, lied to, brainwashed, threatened, coerced, forced into who they are now.  Believe me, I’ve tried to stay in the place of being just pissed off when I hear of some horrible thing someone has done.  My heart just eventually breaks wondering what in the world happened to that person to make them do that.  What changed from when they were just a baby.  Most of the time,  horrors beyond what I could ever imagine.

Here’s Wikipedia’s explanation of dance “Dance is an art form that generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music, used as a form of expression, social interaction or presented in a spiritual or performance setting.”

And that’s what God has put on my heart.  He is moving me to not think so much of my own self but I know I can’t change the world and fix everything.  However, I can let my love for people look like art~move instead of just wish I could help~interact and listen to people’s hurt.  People’s words, hurt, worries are enough “music” for me to love them. Dancing is feeding, clothing, helping, loving and showing compassion. Compassion can be also shown in the most evil of actions.  I have seen others acts of compassion that completely blow my mind.  Courage and compassion that I can’t even begin to feel.  Those people, those acts, make the darkest of situations seem lighter.

Believing in God, and having faith that Jesus was sent for us, is not always as easy as just the “childlike faith” thing. For me however, I have gone through very deep valley’s and asked for very specific prayer that was very specifically answered and in kind of a hard way~so although I have believed for quite a while, I truly feel like I was given a glimpse of “proof”.  I also have been shown answers to prayers decades later that quite frankly, had ticked me off quite a bit when they weren’t answered right away, and in the way that I wanted…when before I thought God was being silent, He was actually answering in ways I could have never understood before. Many people who say they believe what I believe have not shown much love, mercy, grace, compassion, forgiveness and that stinks…..and I will unfortunately, do the same thing sometimes, I wish I wouldn’t, but I will~and that really stinks.  I haven’t figured that all out~but I just know I do understand that it can be hard to believe for many. I know that God is the One who has completely changed my heart to feel deep compassion for people.  He has called me to dance with them, and I just have to.  I won’t dance as much as He wants me to.  I will fail more often than I will follow through.  I pray that I will dance with others more often as I get older, and not less often.

Here’s the song…copy and pasted from a lyrics site, and I’m not patient enough at the moment to change the puncuation, etc around~so it is what it is!

I was nineteen, you were twenty-one the year we got engaged. Everyone said we were much too young but we did it anyway.
We bought our rings for forty each from a pawn shop down the road. We made our vows and took the leap now fifteen years ago
We went dancing in the minefields. We went sailing in the storm. And it was harder than we dreamed but I believe that’s what the promise is for.
“I do” are the two most famous last words, The beginning of the end. But to lose your life for another I’ve heard Is a good place to begin.  ‘Cause the only way to find your life Is to lay your own life down. And I believe it’s an easy price For the life that we have found.
And we’re dancing in the minefields, We’re sailing in the storm. This is harder than we dreamed But I believe that’s what the promise is for.
So when I lose my way, find me. When I loose love’s chains, bind me. At the end of all my faith, till the end of all my days, When I forget my name, remind me.
‘Cause we bear the light of the Son of Man, So there’s nothing left to fear. So I’ll walk with you in the shadowlands Till the shadows disappear.
‘Cause he promised not to leave us, And his promises are true.   So in the face of all this chaos, baby, I can dance with you


About dancingintheminefields

I am a wife to my best friend, and a mother of 4 wonderful, beautiful, indvidually amazing, kids. I am a child of my two lovely parents, a sibling to a brother and 2 sisters, and a friend to many whom I love dearly. I live my life grateful for a grace-filled God.
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