Not just a Community

On my heart the last couple days is our community, and where do we go from here. Where do we start. How do we not end. I was at Arlington Hardware yesterday and a new word was shared with me … Trimmunity. The gal helping me said a friend shared with her “We aren’t just a community anymore. Oso, Darrington and Arlington are a Trimmunity”. I love that word. How do we keep this Trimmunity. How do we keep this nightmare of destruction, the loss of our foundation, our safety, and our sense of tomorrow, from destroying the fabric of us. Destroying how we are woven together?

I hope and pray that with all of the emotional, physical, spiritual and financial support pouring into our towns, we don’t let it cause divide, distrust and anger. I hope and pray that the very things that are so tightly weaving us together right now aren’t the very same things that light flames underneath the fabric of this new Trimmunity. The fabric that was designed hundreds of years ago when our ancestors were designing our towns…working the land and imagining a future, and praying and hoping that their children and there children’s children and far beyond a future they could imagine…that we would keep the fabric together.

I imagine our ancestors worried about electricity damaging the fabric. I imagine those who grew up with electricity worried about the phone damaging the fabric. Then the cable…then the cell phones…just as we now worry about the internet destroying the fabric. “damned technology” is constantly murmured and has been since these towns were begun. Its not technology though. It’s us. Its our human nature to point out the differences in the fabric and we stretch it and pull it until it threatens to break. We love our foothills, our mountains, our trees, our rivers…it helps make us the small, smaller and smallest towns that we love. Now those things we love are literally dividing us. I hope and pray that as we recover and try to find a shred of hope into how we begin a new normal through all of this, that we keep turning towards each other and not away.

I hope and pray that we don’t strive to be an example, but that we are an example. Anger, distrust and disagreement are surely to come in the days ahead. Underneath all of that is fear. Fear of the known and the unknown. I hope and pray that we don’t meet that anger and fear with more anger. That we meet it with love, patience and compassion.

I hope and pray that wherever we all go in life and wherever we live, that we pass onto our children and our friends what we learned from our new found word. Our new found way of community. It just happens to be a Trimmunity, which is more than just a cute word to make us smile when we feel guilty being happy. It’s what was started along the beautiful Stilly long before our time, and what will heal, strengthen and sustain us…even long after we are gone.


About dancingintheminefields

I am a wife to my best friend, and a mother of 4 wonderful, beautiful, indvidually amazing, kids. I am a child of my two lovely parents, a sibling to a brother and 2 sisters, and a friend to many whom I love dearly. I live my life grateful for a grace-filled God.
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