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I am a wife to my best friend, and a mother of 4 wonderful, beautiful, indvidually amazing, kids. I am a child of my two lovely parents, a sibling to a brother and 2 sisters, and a friend to many whom I love dearly. I live my life grateful for a grace-filled God.

It’s Messy.

Messy keeps running through my head.  When a word runs through my head, if I don’t do something with it, it multiplies like bunnies.  Soon, it feels like every nook and cranny is filling my brain with the word.  Sometimes … Continue reading

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This is about Arlington.

I miss you Arlington.  When you move away, you’re kind of caught in this weird love triangle. Us, Arlington and Kauai. Our triangle.  We didn’t leave a place to reject it….we just fell in love with a place and wanted to … Continue reading

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Staring into a puddle.

I have fourteen blog post drafts.  That means I’ve started typing words….many words fourteen different times and didn’t finish.  Tonight I’m sitting here wondering why, but also not even knowing if I’ll post this one.  It’s become a strange journal.  … Continue reading

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Little grief

I fell in love with my now husband watching him read Dr. Seuss’s “Big A little a what begins with a?”  A simple Seuss book that he read her night after night when she was 5 years old.  I fell in … Continue reading

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Faces after 10:37

It is so unbelievably gut-wrenching to see the faces over and over in my head of my hurting friends, hurting community, hurting kids, rescuers, mothers, sons, leaders….I now know why close-ups of faces are what the media will focus on … Continue reading

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Not just a Community

On my heart the last couple days is our community, and where do we go from here. Where do we start. How do we not end. I was at Arlington Hardware yesterday and a new word was shared with me … Continue reading

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I’m not Oso, but I know who is.

When your area gets hit by a massive tragedy, you quickly learn what it feels to be flooded with emotions that feel like waves in the ocean. You feel tossed around between fear, anger, helplessness, complete sadness and determination to do something… … Continue reading

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